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What is Dogalized Petcare? It means that no two dogs are exactly alike and the pet care provided is tailored and personalized, “dogalized”, to the needs of your pet dog, your companion, your best friend.

Dogalized Petcare isn’t just about walking your dog and pet sitting while you’re away, it’s about caring of your pet dog, understanding your dog and having a loving friendship and relationship that your dog can enjoy, besides the one with their owner. Dogs have individual unique personalities, likes and dislikes, they think, feel, and have emotions just like people!

A young adolescent dog of 2 years of age will need lots of daily exercise, as well as challenging physical and mental activities, but older senior dogs and puppy dogs have very different needs. Overweight dogs have to limit on consumption of treats. Some dogs are superfast walkers, while other dogs are strollers who like to sniff everything. Some dogs are happy watching tv and cuddling!

A happy dog is a healthy dog, and Dogalized Petcare services mission is to lengthen and maintain the longevity of your loved pet dog’s life on earth, so that they are around longer to be your companion and friend. And for those dog owners who really value and love their pet, your pet fur babies, you can immortalize him or her with a Pet Portrait painting or drawing!

Safety is the most important factor taken into account when care taking of your pet dogs, whether it’s a 30 minute walk, a check in visit or overnight dog sitting. When walking, dogs are always on a leash and supervised 100% of the time, when house/dog sitting, they are under supervision most of the time.


To book a Dogalized Petcare service, an in - person Meet and Greet session is required. During the
30 minute meet and greet session, all the details of caretaking of your dog will be discussed.

Dogalized Petcare is based out of San Francisco and provides petcare services to
San Francisco and Marin County.

Dogalized Petcare is insured and bonded.

For any questions or more information,
contact Sandy Wang, owner of Dogalized Petcare.

415 636 2849

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